How we maintain and update automation systems on a world wide basis

Our customers require a 110% up and running time of our systems. To eliminate failures and keeping everything up to date as time goes by, quality assurance plays a big role. When you have a fleet of automation equipment, and versions around the globe, rolling out updates is a careful process. To make this process less costly, more simple and easy, we have developed internal software and systems to keep track of what is out there. Additionally, with our licensing options, licenses can be upgraded with a few button clicks. If a new update however is rolled out, this goes through a careful quality assurance system before allowed to go global. When it is allowed to go global, each system has an integrated update functionality that does the job, with integrated check systems - eliminating human errors. All this makes it easy and safe - while at the same time avoiding the need for having costly service engineers on world tours.

How we have solved the "small company - big solutions" issue

It is no secret that being a small company that delivers unique systems and technologies, large customers want to ensure the safety of being provided with our services. We have solved this by offering and using 3rd party escrow agents that monitor contracts between the parties. Should we somehow be unable to provide our services regarding a contract or product - then relevant vital information, know hows, and/or hardware license keys are released - ensuring production safety, delivery safety and maintenance safety.

How we have solved technical support

All of our systems log the history of each system in great technical detail. This information is retrieved and analyzed so one can monitor maintenance issues, and/or give support where the end user has no technical knowledge at all. Depending on the system - it also enables us to playback the operation in our interactive replay software, to view things from the users perspective, but at the same time have the technical information - that we love - side by side.

This same information is also used for providing regular reports regarding machinery status, and depending on the application - statistics about operation efficiency and/or economic estimates - provided on a wordwide basis, regional basis, or single system basis.