The world is in the process of going more and more subsea, and ROV/AUV operations have increased significantly. This to support all processes of building subsea constructions and performing inspections and repairs. Not only the oil and gas sector is expanding subsea, but deep sea mining is also being introduced - with its difficulties that brings. Wireless systems play a bigger part to lessen umbilical cables - and distances and depth are all factors that complicate matters even more. The industry relies heavy on acoustic systems for positioning and relies heavily on the limitations that these - and other technologies - give.

IndCon is researching day (and night) to try and create solutions for the better, to not only support the industry of today, but also the one of tomorrow.


Some areas include:

  • Dynamic Event Handling (AUV/HROV)

  • Pro-active safety control (AUV/HROV)

  • Control methods, environment tracking (AUV/HROV/ROV)

  • Shallow water control (AUV/ROV/HROV)

  • Particle water vision (AUV/HROV/ROV/MINING)

  • Dynamic Positioning (AUV/HROV/ROV)

  • Efficiency (AUV/HROV/ROV)

Technical Research ROV

3D printing parts

3D printing parts

IndCon is currently building its technical research ROV, primary meant for research and proof of concepts that have been in development for years. Parts of the vessel is being manufactured by a 3D printer, and gives the advantages of impatient scientist/developers printing out 3D models over night, changing sensory positions or fluid-dynamics for real-life testing purposes - with a few button clicks on the computer.

Mobile Research Station

One of the goals is to be able to travel from place to place without much logistics involved, without compromising the size too much. This to be able to proof various concepts where the pool simply is not good enough, and not needing trucks to move it to different ocean conditions and environments. Your family station wagon should be big enough!

Upcoming products

Electrical Power 

Lets make ROV's and AUVs use less electrical power.

Hydraulic Power

Lets get more power out of your existing or new multipurpose work-class hydraulic ROV's - without changing the hydraulics.

Dynamic Positioning

Positioning is key. Lets create a different and new key that fits all locks.


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